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Textile printing company

The Tritex company is present at the market from 1996.
We specialize in printing on knitwear and fabrics, using the newest technological achievements. As first on the market we specialized in the lithography on knitwear and fabrics.

We have all certificates required on the area the EU and our paints are environmentally friendly.
Every day we transfer fresh ideas of our designers to textiles, trying to follow the latest fashion.
Although the Tritex collection contains over 3000 ready designs, we are also carrying projects of our customers.

We invite you to our stand at the International Fast Textile Fair in Nadarzyn in Ptak Warsaw Expo Nadarzyn.

Tritex on Fast Textile Expo

Free of charge we will advise you the select of fabrics and knitwear in choice.

Tritex - art transferred to the fabric

At printing on fabrics and knitwear we are using techniques

Printing with water-soluble paints

Printing with printer"'"s pastes

Printing with brocade

Printing with paints and swelling pastes

Metric transfer printing

Mixed transfer printing + water paints and belts


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